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April 16, 2024

Harm Reduction in the Context of Child Well-Being

Harm Reduction in the Context of Child Well-Being is a three-part series exploring a harm reduction approach that:

  1. Meets the needs of children, parents, and family members affected by substance use disorder
  2. Highlights policy and practice considerations that improve recovery, safety, and well-being outcomes

Tip Sheet 1: An Overview for Serving Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders: Defines harm reduction while also framing the discussion within a child and family perspective to ensure child safety and well-being.

Tip Sheet 2: Key Considerations for Policymakers: Offers system-level policy examples necessary to implement practice changes that improve outcomes for children, parents, and family members.

Tip Sheet 3: Practice Recommendations for Child Welfare Workers: Provides practice-level strategies to improve recovery, safety, stability, and well-being outcomes.

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