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September 7, 2023

Addressing Stigma in Peer Recovery Support Services Programming, Episode 3

In this podcast, the Altarum team explores how stigma influences peer recovery support services (PRSS) programming. This four-part series highlights examples of the impact of stigma associated with substance use disorders, race/ethnicity, and sexual and gender minorities and how those populations have historically received and experienced treatment through addressing:

  • the challenges regarding access to care
  • how stigma prevents individuals from seeking help
  • the challenges of effective implementation of PRSS programming

Featured are discussions with individuals from across the country whose work has been effectively combating the negative impacts of stigma through direct and intentional implementation of culturally responsive PRSS programming. These guests include Timothy Jeffries (Senior Policy Advisor, Bureau of Justice Assistance), Joseph Sanchez (Director of Programs, Faces and Voices of Recovery), and Gerald Garth (Executive Director, AMAAD Institute).

Links to the other podcasts in this series are offered below.

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