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September 9, 2021

State Efforts to Address Substance Use Disorder Treatment Needs for Individuals on Community Supervision

This webinar will include a detailed presentation on the National Governor’s Association’s (NGA) and RTI International’s work to support states in identifying and addressing barriers to treatment for justice-involved individuals in the community and in the development of their Community Supervision and Treatment of Individuals With Substance Use Disorder policy briefs.  During a COSSAP-funded roundtable discussion in December 2020, officials from seven states shared their challenges and innovative approaches to improving community supervision of individuals with SUD. The states represented were Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. The results of these roundtable discussions led to the development of this brief.

This webinar will highlight the common challenges and opportunities for governors and state officials to inform state and local policy development and improve outcomes for individuals with SUD who are under community supervision.


  • Nicole Banister, Policy Analyst, Public Safety and Legal Counsel Team, Center for Best Practices, National Governors' Association
  • Sally Kreamer, Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Corrections
  • Dr. Jerome Greenfield, Health Services Administrative, Iowa Department of Corrections

A copy of the presentation slides are available by clicking here.

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